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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The birth of a cross dresser

One of my closest friends is the primary caregiver for her 7 year-old grandson, and has been since he was born. My friend is not in the scene, but hears all about it from my adventures. She could not help but notice when he was barely 2, he started wanting her to buy him pink skirts and Barbie dolls. Since she had heard me talk about how young some cross dressers are when they first show an interest, she was always very accepting of his desires. She tries to walk a fine line between not overly encouraging him in this direction, while being careful not to put him down either.

At a very young age, he was aware of the social stigma attached to his desires. In stores, if he saw some feminine item he wanted, he’d ask his grandmother to get it for his sister. She allows him to dress up at home and he knows he can’t go out dressed up since other children will tease him for that.

Last week she was talking about his desire for a wig with long hair. He has several Halloween wigs, but they aren’t quite as nice as what he’d like to have. I asked her if she’d like to give him one of the wigs I have for my sissies, since I have many, many of them donated to the cause by several of my sissies. She said that she would like that, so I went through my collection and picked out one with long hair and a smaller cap size and shampooed it to pass on to her when I see her again next week.
This boy is really adorable and I’m sure he looks really beautiful all dressed up. Of course, his grandmother and I keep it a secret from him that I know about his dressing.

Princess Lynne

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  1. How fortunate for him that he's not being chastised for expressing himself. I would that I could have not been thinking that I was such a freak for so many years. I might have given it a go when I was still a little bit pretty. You may read my early experiences here:;postID=4089650200752663215

    What's the latest on this fellow?